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{if $bidconfig.customized_announcement && $bidconfig.customized_announcement != null}

Cash Bid Announcement

{/if} {if $commodities|@count > 1}

{if $smarty.request.commodity_filter}{$commodities[$smarty.request.commodity_filter].name} {/if}{$title}

{if not $user.realtime_user}
Cash bids are based on 10-minute delayed futures prices, unless otherwise noted.

Month headings are delivery dates
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{if $user.realtime_user}
Futures prices retrieved on {$smarty.now|date_format:"%A, %B %d %H:%S"}
{/if} {if $bidgrid|@count} {foreach from=$bidgrid.grids item=commodity}


{foreach from=$bidgrid.months item=month} {if not $commodity.skip[$month]} {/if} {/foreach} {if $commodity.symbols && $showFuturesPrice} {/if} {foreach from=$commodity.rows item=location} {/foreach}
Location {$month|date_format:$dateformat} {if $showenddate} - {$bidgrid.endMonths[$month]|date_format:$dateformat} {$end} {/if}
Futures Price
{$location.name} {if $showbasis}
basis {/if}

{/foreach} {if $user.realtime_user}
Real-time prices are highlighted.

All bids are subject to change at any time.
Click on the Location name for more delivery month bids by location.

{/if} {if $site.show_cmeattrib}