Emotional roller-coaster on US-China bets. US stocks to renew record at open

Asian stocks were better bid on Friday except for Hong Kong, after White Houses Kudlow said that a trade deal is coming down to the short strokes.


But the actual optimism is again based on unilateral comments from the US officials. Whats cooking in the White House may not look as appetizing to Chinese officials, who have made a clear statement this week that they wont sign off on an explicit amount of farm purchases.

Anyway, investors seem willing to stomach the risks, however. Todays optimism will likely push the US stock indices to fresh records at the opening bell. The S&P500 will likely open at an all-time high near 3108 level.

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Opening calls

FTSE to open 40 points higher at 7332 7292

DAX to open 75 points higher at 13255