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In the period ahead cattle producers and traders have... (full story)

The pair backed off higher prices to close on a rejection candle the past week. (full story)

This week’s featured video highlights a unique type of livestock operation that is gaining popularity very quickly in Florida, Deer Farming.  The video is actually an episode of Keith Warren’s TV Show (full story)

A late cash trade on Friday could make for an interesting start to the week in the cattle markets. (full story)

Higher (full story)

Bottoming action (full story)

In Depth Cut to the Chase Technical Analysis (full story)

What does last weeks price action mead for next weeks trade? (full story)

If bonds have not popped, they are.... (full story)

In this week’s Weekend Market Report, Jerry Gulke, president of the Gulke Group, sits down with host Pam Fretwell to talk about the generally positive trading in most grains this week. (full story)

The Trend Trader helps to identify the current trend status of your favorite futures markets. It not only helps us to stay on the right side of market direction, but also helps us avoid those without a trend. You can even use the grid as a spread matrix too - buying strength and selling weakness.... (full story)

In this week’s AgFax Weekend – Fertilizer Prices Up – Got Yours? | Corn Losses, 2018 | Farm Growth – Evaluate Options with 6 Keypoints | and more. (full story)

Gold is looking good these days. Crypto is a modern Bearer Bond. China has a vested interest in the survival of Bitcoin. (full story)

If you have an interest in learning more about pecans and what it takes to grow them, mark your calendar for the 2018 Fundamentals of Pecan Management course offered by (full story)

More than 1,300 attendees were able to fine-tune their farming operations with information gained at the 42nd annual Georgia Peanut Farm Show and Conference on Jan. 18, 2018, at the (full story)

Average quotations were 220 points higher than the previous week, according to the USDA, Agricultural Marketing Service’s Cotton and Tobacco Program. Quotations for the base quality of cotton (color 41, (full story)

Pinnacle Rice Cooperative was successfully launched on January 16, 2018. Pinnacle’s goal is to increase member returns by providing liquidity, quality, and logistical support to the CA rice industry. Calrose (full story)

The bulls have initiated a fresh streak in the winner’s circle with back to back weekly gains totaling 541 points (174 of those this week). Although the Mar contract did (full story)

A focus on management intensity might be the best idea for describing what I believe to be the challenge for the greatest cotton success of 2018.  The first reason is (full story)

New is sparse in the rice world but market continues to slowly grind upwards. This week’s export sales report had a significant increase over last week’s reported volume but the current (full story)

Like the legendary Icarus the cotton market has spread its wings and continues to climb. The good news for cotton is that prices are climbing into the clouds without any (full story)

One of the Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute’s most popular “spokespersons” for quail appreciation and conservation isn’t a person at all, but a sociable 6-inch-tall northern bobwhite named Kirby. “We have (full story)

Last week USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) released the final crop production summary for 2017. Overall, Delaware farmers had a good year with some of the crops breaking records. (full story)

For ten consecutive years, Japan has increased its meat consumption; consumption increased by 3.4% last year over the previous year to produce the highest level of growth in five years. (full story)

This is a sample entry from Don DeBartolo’s email newsletter, Trade Spotlight: Options, published on Thursday, January 18, 2017. Soybean Bull Call Spread There is a trade opportunity based on potential M.E.T. breakout in the Soybean futures market. The Stochastic indicator is showing strong... (full story)

The Arkansas Rice Farmers board recently created a task force to develop crop management guidelines to address community concerns about smoke created when farmers burn row crop field refuse each (full story)

Considerable concern surrounded the export potential for U.S. distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) following an adverse trade policy decision by Vietnam, a historic top buyer, in December 2016. Instead, (full story)

Usable information comes from filtering data via knowledge. It seems to me that a lot of folks are having trouble with the filters getting clogged! My original title for this piece was “Should it Matter?” Will a 20,000 tonne export sale truly... (full story)

Are cryptocurrencies on their way out, or are they going to pave the way to the future? (full story)

The recent cold snap is causing strawberry growers to go into babysitting-mode, using cloth covers to save their early crop. Many farmers double-covered their strawberries to hold warmer air near (full story)

Peanut prices received by farmers for all farmer stock peanuts averaged 23.1 cents per pound for the week ending January 13, up 1.7 cents from the previous week. Marketings of (full story)

In response to problems with off-target movement and injury associated with dicamba applications on dicamba-resistant (Xtend) soybean, the EPA made significant changes to labels of the new dicamba products. While (full story)

One question I was asked recently had to do with Restricted Use Products (RUP) and dicamba. In Minnesota, Fexapan, Engenia and XtendiMax are currently the only restricted use dicamba products (full story)

Cash Market The cash market in the USA may be quiet, but prices are exploding in Thailand and India. Thailand 5% broken rice has rallied from $403 MMT on December (full story)

This is a sample entry from Don DeBartolo’s email newsletter, Trade Spotlight: Futures, published on Thursday, January 18, 2018. There is a trade opportunity based on potential M.E.T. breakout in the Soybean futures market. The Stochastic indicator is showing strong Momentum to the upside.... (full story)

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve Board released its January 2018 Beige Book update, a summary of commentary on current economic conditions by Federal Reserve District. The report included several observations pertaining (full story)

As I type furiously away.... (full story)

Looking to sell more (full story)

DJ U.S. Export Sales: Weekly Sales Totals – Jan 19 For the week ended Jan 11, in thousand metric tons, except cotton in thousand running bales. Net changes in commitments are gross sales, less cancellations, buy-backs and other downward adjustments. Total commitments are total export... (full story)

There are plenty of risk factors in investing. But what are the chances that you might be one of them? (full story)

Yes (full story)

Western United Dairymen (WUD) and the California Dairy Campaign (CDC) have petitioned the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) for an emergency hearing to increase over-base milk prices by about 35¢/cwt for the next 12 months. (full story)

COTTON General Comments: Cotton was higher as the buyers appeared once again to cover short cash market positions. Trends remain up and the tone of the market remains positive. Current buying is reflecting the fact that merchants need to buy futures to cover on call positions Rather than the... (full story)

Still bullish (full story)

March Soybean Meal – Multi-Profiles Breakdown of Today’s Update Published 1/19/18 9:30 am central: Traders, In my Bull/Bear Scanner updates, I am making a new effort to share some of the “sorting” preferences I use every day to locate potentially higher... (full story)

The anticipation and release of Asia grind data has lead the cocoa trade this week. (full story)

Recent good gains suggest a market bottom is in place. Bullish weekly high close on Friday would suggest a price uptrend can be sustained. (full story)

A week ago today, the grain markets were delivered another dose of foul tasting medicine from the USDA and to the casual observer and overconfident bear, it would appear to have left little hope that we would see the health of the patient recover anytime in the near future. Beans were resting in... (full story)

Today’s MDA Update: Published 1/19/18 8:40 am central: Traders, Here you will find this morning’s Bull/Bear setups. The main setup is showing just the “60-Minute” Time frame. Below that I am featuring several markets using the “sorting tools” to locate the... (full story)

As the economy is rolling along after 1 year of action taken cutting Federal regulations and Tax cuts booming employment the politicians still don’t get it. These deceivers who were voted in to defend the Stars & Stripes are putting non-U.S. citizens above U.S. citizens and the most... (full story)

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