How do you trade index futures leading into contract roll

The week of futures contract roll which occurs tomorrow for the index futures, always generates volatility. The weeks leading into and after the Labor Day holiday had a ton of selling pressure with the indices. So it is but natural to expect a squeeze into resistance levels on the week of contract roll. Remember, that as intraday traders, we have to trade what we see not what we think is going to happen based on overnight moves or news or what have you. Traders are getting out of their shorts of the September contracts and electing to roll to the December contracts. It will create a squeeze, like we said earlier - into the end of the week. The volume, for instance in the December Emini S&P futures through about noon today is only about 12% of the overall volume today for the September contract.

So basically, today we are between opposing measured moves. As a trader using a trading service for some assistance with trading the markets, how would you have expected your service to call the trades for today? Take a look at how we called it for our subscribers on a day with opposing measured moves where as an intraday trader you can take advantage of both sides of these reactionary trades today:

Here was our playbook


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